segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011

So sad...

Starving dog discovered behind locked cell phone tower gate

Standing alone, behind the locked gates of a cell phone tower on Sunrise Mountain, an abandoned, starving Doberman Pincher was discovered.
The dog, now known at Sonny, had been left alone for too long – he had a painful gash on his neck and his body showed the signs of long-term malnutrition.
In fact, when he was finally discovered, he weighed a dismal 35 lbs – half of what a dog his age and size should weigh.
But Sonny was discovered – employees of the cell phone tower company brought him food and water and then removed him to a local animal shelter.
The shelter then contacted  Doberman Rescue of Nevada for help.
Sonny is now receiving the veterinary care necessary to help him recover from both his neck wound and his emaciated condition.
The rescue volunteers report that Sonny is still happy and friendly – despite what happened to him – despite being let down by the people that he had once relied upon for care.
To learn more about Sonny, or other dogs like him, please visit the Doberman Rescue of Nevada Website.

Source: Examiner.com

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  1. Oh Kaiser, Thanks for sharing this story about your "brother." Hopefully he'll make a full recovery!

  2. That is so very sad. Hopefully Sonny's life will be much much better now.

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  3. So glad to hear that Sonny is on the mend and he is still happy and friendly. I hope he can find someone who truly loves him at last as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing Sonny's story.

  4. Uma história muito triste com final feliz ! Ainda bem que ele sobreviveu sozinho e agora pode encontrar uma família que lhe dê amor e muito carinho. Coitadinho, ele estava tão magrinho, espero que logo recupere a saúde !
    Lambidas da Luna e cia

  5. How terrible sad - and lonely - and hungry the poor dog must have been. Good to see the ending was happy.

  6. Poor thing, I least he was found before it was to late.
    George and Jan xxx

  7. poor sonny!! why do stoopid hoomans do such mean 'n cruel thingies to us doggies?? i'm so super duper glad that some nice hoomans found him and are helpin' him get better!

    the booker man

  8. Oh that's so heart breaking. We're glad Sonny is in good hands now and we hope he gets the love he so deserves!