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Puppy on a train

A Black Lab pup/Not Boxcar Hunter

You've heard of snakes on a plane, but have you heard of a puppy on a train? Not on, as in onboard inside of a car.
On, as in on top of a train.


Somehow, one incredibly lucky 3 month old puppy wound up on top of a train whose journey began in Pennsylvania.
By the time the little Black Lab mix was discovered, the Norfolk Southern train had already traveled through Virginia and North Carolina - enroute to Atlanta, GA.
A woman spotted the tiny black pup atop the train car while stopped at a red light in Easley, SC on Sunday.
The woman, Tina Parker, called 911 and proceeded to follow the train with her eye glued to the innocent puppy riding along the top of the moving train.
Dispatch successfully got through to the train's conductor and the train, which had been traveling at speeds of approximately 50 mph, was stopped.
The Liberty Fire Department arrived with ladder trucks and successfully plucked the young puppy from his precarious position on top of the "Hunter" car - an incredible 20 feet from the ground.
How this little pup managed to find himself atop a train car is a complete mystery - as is how he was able to safely remain there for the length of time that he did.
The family who discovered the puppy has decided to call him their own - naming him, appropriately, Boxcar Hunter - Boxy for short.

What a story!

Source:  www.examiner.com

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  1. Wow, that's one lucky puppy. He looks just like my brother Owen and I. I think that we'd get along just fine - Boxy and us.

  2. Crikey..he is one very very lucky pup! We love his name.

    Happy Halloween

    Big Nose Pokes
    The THugletsx

  3. That is a very sweet story! I am so glad he was saved and taken in.

  4. É uma linda história e sinal de que ainda existem pessoas que se preocupam com os animais e fazem de tudo para ajudá-los ! Um grande exemplo de amor aos animais. eu já tive uma cachorrinha chamada Boxy ! Era uma boxer !