sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011


It is one thing to lose a newspaper, magazine or even a shoe to your favorite pup, but a pile of cash?
A couple who was saving up to pay off their car loan encountered quite a surprise two weeks ago when pieces of 100 dollar bills were discovered lying on the floor.
It turns out that their mixed breed dog, Tuity, sniffed out a pile of cash that had been lying on the counter and made a meal out of it.
The cash did not sit well with Tuity who later threw the money back up.
Amazingly, Tuity's owners were able to piece together $900 of the regurgitated cash.
As for the remaining $100 bill?
It was rather mangled.
The couple mailed it to the Department of Treasury with a  note "My dog ate my money" - or something like that.
Maybe they will be reimbursed, or perhaps it is an expensive lesson learned - secure your cash when Tuity is in the house.


We wish all a great weekend! / Desejamos a todos vós um ótimo fim de semana!

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